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Karnataka state government has launched two new schemes, one is Arundhati Scheme and the other one is the Maitreyi scheme for the economically backward section brahmins.

This scheme is a big initiative for the poor brahmins, this scheme will help financially to the people. The state government will give Rs.25,000 to the brahmin brides.

In this article, we have shared the information in detail so that you can have proper knowledge of this scheme.

karnataka arundhati scheme

Arundhati Scheme Karnataka 2021

The Karnataka state government has launched two welfare schemes for the economically backward sections of brahmins.

Karnataka State Brahmin Development Board’s these two schemes will provide financial help to the poor brahmins so that they can utilize this money for their needs.

A sum of Rs. 25000 will be given to the economically poor bride under arundathi scheme.

This money will be given to those families who are facing difficulty in getting marriage due to their economical background.

There is approximately 3 percent of the population in Karnataka that belongs to the Brahmin community. This karnataka arundhati scheme covers only brahmin priests and brides who belong to economically weak families.

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Key Features of Arundhati Scheme 2021

Scheme Name Arundhati Scheme
Launched By Karnataka State Brahmin Development Board
Beneficiaries Poor women from brahmin communities
Benefit Rs. 25000 will be given to the bride at the marriage

Karnataka Maitreyi Scheme 2021

The karnakata state brahmin development board has also launched maitreyi scheme. Under this scheme women who will marry a priest from an economically poor background will be given Rs.3 lakh.

Under Maitreyi scheme, the board will be offering Rs 3 lakh to the bride if she marries a priest: Archakras and Purohits.

To get this money the married couple will have to be married for 3 years at least. The money will be given in three installments every year.

This money will be given to the family at each year’s end for 3 years.

Key Features of Karnataka Maitreyi Scheme

Scheme Maitreyi Scheme
Launched By Karnataka State Brahmin Development Board
Beneficiaries Poor brahmin men
Benefits Rs.3 lakh for the married couple


There are no such eligibility criteria made by the government, the brahmin must be economically poor, and the same for the arundhati scheme girl must be economically poor.

Karnataka arundhati/maitreyi scheme apply online| registration| application form

To get the benefit of this scheme, there is no such need for online application or registration. People who want to get the benefit of this scheme will have to visit their Gram Panchayat office.

The Gram panchayat office will provide detailed information and will help the eligible people to get the benefit of this scheme.

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