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TS 1500 Rupees status check| EPOS TS 1500| ePOS Telangana 1500| DBT Status| TS DBT Response Status Check: The Telangana state government has started the financial assistance scheme for the poor people in the state.

Under this Rs. 1500 financial help assisting scheme total number of 74 lakh people are going to get the benefit of this scheme.

Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao had announced earlier in the last month that Rs 1,500 and 12 kg rice will be given to every ration cardholder in the state.

During this, the government will spend Rs 2,500 crore to help people during the coronavirus lockdown.

This Ts KCR 1500 Scheme will benefit maximum people in the state. Telangana government has credited Rs 1,500 each in over 74 lakh bank accounts in the state. Now people are looking for the TS Rupees 1500 status online.

ts 1500 rupees status

EPOS TS 1500 Rupees Status 

Telangana state government has initiated the transfer of money to the beneficiaries’ bank accounts. As per the government total of more than 74 lakh families received Rs 1500 each and totaling Rs 1,112 crore has been spent till now.

For the people, those who do not have a bank account will get their money by the postal department. The K Chandrashekhar Rao has promised earlier that the white cardholders and the migratory labor will not die from hunger due to lockdown.

The state government has distributed 3.13 lakh Tons of rice to 79.57 lakh cardholders.

Name of the scheme Ts KCR 1500 rupees Scheme
Launched In Telangana state
Launched By Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao
Announced for People of the state
Benefits Rs. 1500/- and 12kg rice
Application mode Online
Status Available

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Benefits of EPOS TS 1500 scheme

TS 1500 rupees scheme is the best outcome during this critical situation and the benefits are huge as no one is able to earn money on a daily basis as the country is in a lockdown situation.

  • Beneficiaries will get a sum of Rs. 1500/- directly into their bank account.
  • The government will also provide 12kg per person rice free of cost through PDS shops.


The eligibility criteria are very simple:

  • Candidate must be a resident of the Telangana.
  • And holding a white ration card.
  • The applicant must be in the below poverty line category.
  • The applicant must be a daily wage worker/earner.

Documents Required

The documents that are required to apply for the Epos Telangana 1500 rupees:

    • White ration card
    • Aadhar card
    • Passport size photograph
    • Residential proof
    • Bank account details

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TS 1500 Rupees Payment Status

To get into action this scheme, the state government has sanctioned Rs.2500 crore to support the low-income group (BPL Families) of the state financially.

The government has already started the procedure of transferring the amount through the direct bank transfer method. You can check the ts 1500 rupees status from the official portal given below.

As per the Officials total of Rs. 74,07,186 families received Rs 1500 each, totaling Rs 1,112 crore through their bank accounts.

And similarly, an amount of Rs 78,24,55,500 has been deposited with the Post Master General, which is to be distributed among those 5,21,641 beneficiaries who do not have bank accounts.

How to check KCR 1500 rupees Money Status in Bank Account?

If you want to the TS status check online of your beneficiary, then you will have to follow the simple steps given below:

ts 1500 status check

  • Here in the reports section, there is a link stating DBT Response Status Check. Click on this, you will be redirected to a new page where you have to enter the Ration Card Number and then click on Get Details.

ts 1500 kcr status

  • After submitting the details status will be displayed on your screen. As given below.

epos ts 1500

DBT Response Status Check Report

DBT Is the Direct Benefit Transfer Response Status Check. In this person, those who think that they are eligible and lies under the eligibility conditions can get DBT benefits.

So to get to know whether you are getting any money from the government or not you have to check the DBT Response Status Online. (ts epos dbt response status)

ts epos dbt response status

  • Here just enter your ration card number and then click on the Get Details.
  • Now you will have the ts epos Telangana dbt response status report.

With this, you can have the TS 1500 rupees status check online.

EPOS Helpline | Customer Care

If you have any kind of complaint you can file from the grievance, the link is given below. That, you have to fill all the details correctly and then submit it.

epos ts telangana helpline

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Source – www.epos.telangana.gov.in

We have shared all the necessary information regarding TS 1500 Rupees Status, if you have any question please feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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  1. I’m a single.. I have white ration card.. I have taken ration 12kg rice.. But kcr money 1500 still didn’t transferred to my bank account.. (andhra bank holder). With adhaar link.. I’m suffering a lot due lack down. Is andhra bank account is enough or should I have account in any other bank.. I did not have account in other bank like government beneficiary scheme accounts.

  2. I am unable to find dbt status report and the given link is not opening in browser, what to do sir? Even I have very old white ration card, is it acceptable ? In need, please help..

    • Hello Sharin, Yes It is no there but very soon it will be there as DBT Response Status Check Report is not working due to heavy traffic on the website.

    • Hello Syed, Yes It is not there but very soon it will be there as DBT Response Status Report is not working due to heavy traffic on the website.

    • Hello Gouse, Yes It is no there but very soon it will be there as DBT Response Status Report is not working due to heavy traffic on the website.

  3. Dear
    Sir /Madam
    Iam Machaboina Kirankumar my ration card no 369300046259. Ihave not received 1500 Rs from TS KCR 1500 Scheme. So kindly do needful
    Thanking you

    • Hello M.KiranKumar, If you are eligible then you will get the money. As people those who do not have bank account their money will be transferred by Post Office very soon.

  4. I have white ration card I didn’t get the amount in my account. And I have checked the status it’s showing on my 8 year old son name is bank details are not available.. So shall I do know. Suffering a lot because we don’t have single rupees

    • hello J.Kanakaraju, If you are eligible like you have a white ration card and meet other conditions as stated in the article then you can get the money. The government will send it automatically to your account.

  5. Hi sir good morning I am retio April but not received kcr amount 1500 my retio card nombar 365350907095 Addagutta East Marredpally Secunderabad Hyderabad 500026 please help me sir I am auto driver sir

    • Hello, YOu must have the white ration card then you will receive the money. You can check the debt response status report given in the link.

      • Hi sir thank you for your response.iam received April month retio that link is I am trying last 1 week data not responding this is coming please help me sir namasthe tq I have wait retio and gingle gas selindar 0 bank account please help me my RC .365350907095

  6. Dear ..sir/medam sir neenu April retio thiskunnanu kaani kcr 1500 bank lo na retio card nombar 355350907095 Addagutta East Marredpally Secunderabad Hyderabad 500026.sir please hemp me sir

    • Respect sir/medam April retio thiskunna sir kaani kcr 1500 bank lo raaledu na retio card no.365350907095 please help me sir thank you namasthe

  7. Hello,
    I have already submitted my bank details and pass book statement to ration dealer many times ..But after checking status at DBS it’s shows as no amount displayed but status as pending at bank… Please Help

  8. Dear sir.
    Iam Rajashekar
    From boduppal
    As we have not received amount and also currently the DPT site is not working .l request you to respond me as soon as possible or give me other website

  9. Hello sir, after entering details in dbt response status its showing details that amount has been transferred but there are no details to which account it transferred.
    I didn’t receive any money yet

  10. Hello sir I’m POREDDY SWARNA LATHA, RATION CARD NO: 365370731702 I have white ration card I didn’t received the amount 1500/- in my account I have checked the status

  11. Hello sir
    Ration card no: 365370731702
    Am white ration card holder I didnt get 1500/-in my account I have checked my status it is showing that not credited can u plz check once sir

  12. Helo this is the correct news. About 1500 rs. CM kcr is giving to white ration-card Iam rajesh babu white card holder, 24-04-2020 i call to this number 180042500333 ration card dpm so i asked what is region not credit to my account 1500 so they give me answer is? Who they are not taking ration regular in that case grovenment holding the money edhi correct news, so this not correct from grovenment wast grovenment they put lockdown they are not giving 1500 rs and they showing holding in department anthey answer is who they r not taking ration regular……………… shame on the part of :grovenment :,wast time

  13. 180042500333 cal this number ratio card department for 1500 rs important news ration card department answer is wait for next week if they giving r not I think this grovenment is waste

  14. Hello sir my name is Iftequar. I have checked the status on epos site and its 1500 credited through post office but my sister thumb is not working on biometric. What should i do help me out sir. She doesnt have bank account also.

  15. Sir R/C : 369240025699
    In DBT Status successfully credited,
    But we didn’t receive amount in bank account (SBH)
    Please query my problem quickly

    • Hello Deepthi, you can wait for some days if still it is not in your account then contact the helpline given or bank branch.

  16. HI,
    In DBT it is showing credited to bank on 16/4/2020, but how can i know the bank details, because i checked with bank statement,but not received;
    how can we check the bank details which is deposited;

  17. Hello sir, i had check the status dbt but it is showing payed to post office, but our address in ration card is at mancherial , we have shifted recently to hyd so how can we take money from local post office. Is there any chance to take 1500rs at any post office. Kindly req u to solve this problem

  18. HI,
    In DBT it is showing credited to bank on 16/4/2020, i checked with bank statement,but not Credited Rs1,500/-.In Union Bank of India S/B Account.Please Checked again. And please Credited my S/B A/c No590402010003937.My Ration Card No:365371586007.

  19. hello my name is m.anil kumar last month april money 1500 was not credited to me please check once my ration card no : 369280127914 all of the telagana got money still i didnt receive money and may month also they are crediting money from tommorrow kindly check and how to check the money in which bank money was deposited

  20. Hi,
    In dbt response status message showing as – No amount has been credited as on date. i went to post office, the staff told that visit the office which is in khairathabad. due to lockdown problem iam unable to visit office. please give advise how can i know the status. if you have any website URL then please provide to me, i will send mail regarding not credited amount in bank and in post office.

  21. I got 12 kg rice, but 1500rupees was not showing credited message in the dbt status. I didn’t get April 1500 rupees also. Please give me a help line number.

  22. Hi Sir,

    While checking, in online it is showing 1500 credited successfully, but in bank account there no amount deposited, when will those 1500 get credited in my account? should raise any customer request? if so can you please provide me the link of customer service request.

  23. Hi sir,
    On checking epos site its showing , money has been credited in bank account but I didnt receive any SMS confirmation and no money has been credited . In fact family head member has no bank account but others have , without any
    bank account how it is showing it is credited successfully through bank

  24. Family head has no bank account , online its showing money successfully credited on april 16 in bank account (not through post) . But I didnt receive any sms or money

  25. Hi This Annaiah Nethi, I’m taken 12kg rice, but we ara not received any amount, two time KCR fund 1500+1500 ,i checked in statues, (no amount credited at on), statues showing what is the problem can i now.mi RC No.369250092010

  26. I didn’t get the ration January, February march month ration because of we are staying another place that 3 months
    ..till today 1500 didn’t credit to my account what can i do. my ration card number365390617242

  27. Sir you are giving 1500 for helping us, but amount of 1500 has not credited till today previews month also.plz check once again and try to credit the amount as soon as possible., my ration number is 369280231982,eagerly waiting for your response

  28. After checking with DBT response status check report, it shows that 1500 rupees credited for each month April and may, but as per the bank statement its not, may i know why and whom to be contacted for 3000 rupees for the month of April and may.


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