Privacy Policy

Our website address is We only share information about government schemes, jobs, etc.

Do we collect any personal data?

We only collect email and name for comment replies.

When visitors leave comments on our website we collect the data like name and email-id so that we detect any spam comment.

Uploading on our website?

Visitors cannot upload anything on our website this makes our website spam free and we do not have them any personal information. So it is just clean web information which we are giving and taking nothing in return.

But if we allow any guest blog post then we follow the google policies and work according them.

Contact forms

You can contact through the Contact Us page. It is the easiest way to coney your message to us.


We do not use any cookie policies on our website, as our website is just for educational purposes. So we do not trace any user data. Our website is cookie-free.

Note: We do not share any data with anybody.


We also have a disclaimer page so that you can clarify all details.