[List] Janmashtami Puja Samagri List 2023: Janmashtami Puja Vidhi at Home| Timing

Shree Krishna Janmashtami puja samagri list 2023 is must required thing on the day of Krishna Janmashtami. The puja vidhi at home process is also very needful thing during the puja ceremony. The puja timing is also be accurate so that they people can worship in the shubh muhurat.

Krishna Janmashtami Puja Samagri List 2023

Krishna Janmashtami is the festival of Shri Krishna birth and which is celebrated occur on the dark fortnight of the eighth day of the month of Bhadrapada, as per the Hindu Panchang calendar.

Janmashtami Puja Samagri List:

पूजा की सामग्री: श्री कृष्णा के लिए झूला या पालना, कृष्ण की मूर्ति या प्रतिमा, छोटी बांसुरी, एक पोशाक, आभूषण, तुलसी के पत्ते, चंदन, अक्षत, मक्खन, केसर, कलश, हल्दी, छोटी इलायची, पान, सुपारी, सिक्के या रुपए, सफेद कपड़ा, लाल कपड़ा, नायिरल, कुमकुम, लौंग, मौली, इत्र, सिंहासन, गंगाजल, दीया, सरसों का तेल या घी, रुई की बत्ती, अगरबत्ती, मीठा,फल व कपूर आदि।

janmashtami puja samagri list

Krishna Janmashtami Puja Vidhi at Home

Now you have the list of the puja samagri and now you can do puja at home by following the given instructions in pdf:

The puja vidhi of janmashtami festival is very interesting as people celebrate as it their family member’s birthday i.e our Laddoo Gopal.

  • At first in the morning take a bath and put on clean clothes.
  • Now start the preparations for the puja at night by decorating Sri Krishna’s palna or cradle.
  • Also clean the place with Gangajal where you will place the palna.
  • At night first do dhyana of Lord Shri Krishna. Then feel the connection to your soul to the Kanha.
  • Once it is done then respectfully put the idol of Lord Krishna on the Palna.

Note: People those who do no have palna or cradle can use the wooden chowki.

  • Now wash the feet of Shri Krishna with water and do the arghya to the god.
  • Drink the water after making an offering to the Krishna.
  • Now perform the snana ceremony of the Lord. Pour the five ingredients of the Panchamrit which are ghee, honey, milk, curd, and gangajal, on the idol.
  • Then collect the five ingredients and serve them as Panchamrit ( later once the puja is done).
  • Now put the new clothes on Lord Krishna as we can say we have to do shringaar.
  • Offer the holy janeu to the God. Apply a paste of Chandan on the God.
  • Now put jewelry, crown, mor pankh, and bansuri. Offer Tulsi leaves and flowers to the Krishna. Light an incense stick or dhoop and light an oil lamp.
  • Make an offering of the bhog to the Lord. Do not forget Krishna’s favorite, Makhan and Mishree, on this occasion.
  • Offer a tambulam to the God, which consists of coconut, paan, betel nuts, kumkum, and haldi. Offer dakshina. Sing the aarti of Kunj Bihari to appease the God.

Perform a parikrama after the aarti. Join both hands and pray to the Lord to protect you and your family from all evil.

Krishna Janmashtami Puja Time 2023 and Muhurat

Janmashtami Muhurat Time

Janmashtami : Thursday, 7th September 2023

Nishita Puja Time: 12:02 AM to 12:48 AM, Sep 7

Total Duration 00 Hours 48 Minutes.

janmashtami puja time

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On this day all the devotees do fast and break it at the midnight. Whole day there is chanting of radhakrishna and their songs.

We hope we have answered all the queries you have asked and if need more details then feel free to comment. Raadhe Raadhe !!!

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