[Adiyogi] Free Rudraksha Isha Registration 2024: Sadhguru Diksha| Track- Delivery Status

Sadhguru foundation is giving away free rudraksha diksha for the people through isha registration 2024. Isha foundation delivers rudraksha, isha vibhuti, abhaya sutra and Adiyogi image to the home. This free rudraksha diksha can be received once you register yourself on the isha foundation website.

This distribution of free rudraksha is done due to the holy festival of Maha Shivratri in the month of March 2024. People from across the India can do the free rudraksha isha registration.

free rudraksha isha registration

Free Rudraksha Isha Registration 2024

Many people wish to have a real rudrakhsa and isha foundation is providing free of cost rudraksha for the people but the question is are they authentic? As this Sadhguru foundation is one of the biggest ones in India and we can only trust.

People can know once they register themselves on the portal and then use it. After this they can find any change in their health and mind, which will show the real nature of rudraksha.

What is Rudraksha?

Rudra means Shiva, aksha means teardrops. Rudraksha are the teardrops of Shiva. The legend goes that once, Shiva sat for meditation for a long period of time. He seemingly did not even breathe, and everyone thought he was dead.

There was only one sign of life — the tears of ecstasy that dribbled from his eyes. These teardrops fell upon the earth and became Rudraksha, “Shiva’s tears.”

Note: You will receive 2 Rudrakshas once you register for Rudraksha Diksha.

Now the people who want to register will have to visit on the official website i.e isha.sadhguru.org/en/rudraksha-diksha. Here you have scroll down and click on receive for free.

free rudraksha diksha registration

Once you click here, you will be sent to registration form page, here you have to enter your details like your name, address, mobile number, etc.

rudraksha diksha registration

Once you filled the registration form, you have to enter the OTP on your registered mobile number and then click on proceed.

Now you have to fill other required information asked on the isha foundation registration page and then you have to wait for the arrival of your order.

Adiyogi Rudraksha Registration

Every year isha foundation releases the free distribution of rudrakshas for the people. When a person order a rudraksha, he/she will receive two rudrakshas and other belongings like vibhuti, adiyogi image and abhaya sutra.

free rudraksha isha registration 2024

People who are looking for rudraksha diksha registration online will have to visit the isha.sadhguru.org/en/rudraksha-diksha.

Here they have to fill the registration form correctly and submit it. After that they have to wait for their order as it will be shipped by postal department.

These rudraksha are specially energized by Sadhguru on Mahashivratri are being offered to all for free.

Free Rudraksha Diksha Tracking| Delivery Status

You can track your Rudraksha Diksha order after your registration is successful. You will receive an SMS once it is dispatched. After that, you can track your Rudraksha Diksha package.

The delivery status can be checked by the tracking number shared in your text message. This will be shipped by post office, so you can check it on the postal department website.

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Rudraksha Diksha Registration

The rudraksha diskha registration process is shared above and below we have shared the key highlights it.

  • Anyone, irrespective of age, gender, physical condition, culture, ethnicity, geographical or religious background, at any stage in life.
  • Rudraksha should always be worn around your neck.
  • Once you order, you will receive 2 Rudraksha per registration. You can offer the second Rudraksha to a friend or family member.
  • These rudrakshas are specially energized by Sadhguru on Mahashivratri.

Rudraksha Diksha Benefits

Rudraksha are very supportive in maintaining physical and mental balance. Rudraksha can help reduce blood pressure, calm one’s nerves and improve the health of one’s skin.

Some of the subtler benefits ascribed to Rudraksha include enhancement of intuition, assistance in meditation, cleansing of the aura, and providing protection against negative energies.

We have shared the detailed information on free rudraksha isha registration 2024 process and if you have any query then do comment below.

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