[Free] Ram Mandir Recharge Offer 2024 Link: Maha Cashback Coupon is Fake?

Ceremony of Shri Ram Mandir is the biggest event happening in Uttar Pradesh Ayodhya and many news are coming like ram mandir recharge offer 2024 or free mandir prasad etc. And many people are looking to apply for these schemes and get the benefit.

This 3 months mahacashback recharge offer for mobiles is currently in trending as many people have heard of it and now ant to apply for this recharge offer. So in this article we have shared the detailed information on free mobile recharge under ram mandir opening.

ram mandir recharge offer

Ram Mandir Recharge Offer 2024

Shri Ram Janmabhoomi teerh kshetra in Ayodhya is going to have grand opening for shri ram mandir which is inviting all the VIPs and important people to visit the temple on 22nd January 2024. Now many news regarding this is floating around the internet.

And one of these current news is ram mandir free mobile recharge offer 2024 for 3 months. As this news is getting viral and many people are looking for the free ram mandir recharge coupon offers.

But in reality there is no such mobile recharge offer is launched by any of the department and if it comes we will update it here and till then it is a fake news.

People can check the official ram mandir website i.e www.srjbtkshetra.org. Here on the official portal or website there is no such news yet and so we cannot say you will get any offers on mobile recharge.

maha cashback offer ram mandir

Here on the free mobile recharge offer under ram mandir will be available if any but for now there is no such information out there and all the news you are hearing is fake.

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Maha Cashback Offers 2024 in Ram Mandir

The news which is surfacing online is claiming that due the opening of shri ram mandir in ayodhya, telecom companies will be giving free recharge coupons for the users for 3 months.

This mahacashback offer in ram mandir inauguration will be given to all the people of India and free of cost. So everyone who is hearing this news is looking for the free recharge coupon and want their 3 months free recharge on their cell phones.

But this news is totally fake and you can visit the official website of ram mandir and there is no such update and also no telecommunication company has launched any kind of this offer for the consumers.

The latest news are shared on srjbtkshetra.org/featured-news/. And here you can check any news regarding to ram mandir.

Ram Mandir Free Recharge Coupon Link

Currently news is spreading that ram mandir is distributing free recharge coupons for 3 months for the consumers so that they can access the tele com services free of cost for the next three months.

This news is fake and there are no such maha cashback coupons in ram mandir or temple authorities are distributing them. This news is totally fake and this can lead you to a scam also so be aware and first check the official announcements of any schemes.

So the conclusion is there is no such scheme which is providing free ram mandir recharge coupons for 3 months or any maha cashback offers 2024 for the mobile users. So be aware of these kind of fake news and do not fell in the trap of these news.

If you have any query regarding ram ram mandir recharge offers then do comment below or visit the website shrirammandirayodhya.online/ram-mandir-free-recharge-2024-offer/.

Jai Shri Ram ! Jai Hanuman!

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