[State Wise] Ram Mandir Donation List 2024: Actors| Cricketers| Names List pdf

Ayodhya ram mandir received the highest donation for temple list from actors, cricketers, politicians & other VIPs. Ram mandir donation list state wise is must a go through thing under which people can know which state how much donated or highest donation given to ram mandir.

The donation list for ram mandir is shared in this article for the people who are interested to know highest donation for ram mandir list.

ram mandir donation list

Ram Mandir Donation List State Wise 2024

Ram Mandir is the temple which is dedicated to lord Ram as this symbolizes Ram’s birth place. This place Ayodhya is under various issues as a mosque is built over this temple 500 years ago. And temple was demolished now the court has ordered that temple to be build and now it is built.

So lakhs of people have given donation to ayodhya ram mandir from different states and all the states have given as much as they can as a donation for the building of this grand temple.

State Wise Ram Mandir Donation List 
Himachal Pradesh Jammu & Kashmir
Punjab Haryana
Uttar Pradesh Rajasthan
Delhi Madhya Pradesh
Jharkhand Maharashtra
Karnataka Bihar
Tamilnadu Chhattisgarh

We can say that states from all over the country have donated the best they can to build ayodhya ram temple. There is no such detailed list which clarifies which state have how much money donated to the temple but it is estimated that a total donation of ram mandir is Rs.5500 crore and saved under the Ayodhya Ram Mandir Trust.

ram mandir donation state wise list

The amount we is calculated for ram mandir donation state wise list is Rs.5500 crores and this amount is very huge. This shows how much people love their lord ram and want to have their temple.

If you want to know more detailed information then do visit the article which is ram mandir donation list 2024.

Highest Donation for Ram Mandir List

The donation does not depend on how much some one donation and on one should judge anyone on the basis of their donation. Donation means the amount which is heartily want to donate.

Some people also ask ram mandir me sbse jyada chanda kisne diya? So this doesn’t matter if you give Rs.10 or Rs.10 crores, donation is donation.

 Ram Mandir Recharge Offer 2024

Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan donated a sum of Rs 30 lakhs for the construction of Ram Mandir in Uttar Pradesh’s Ayodhya.

The donation received by the Ayodhya ram temple trust do not disclose the actual details of the persons but some people have openly donation money to the temple and the highest donation list is shared below.

Name Donation Amount
Morari Bapu Rs.11.3 crores
Diamond Merchant Govind Dholakia Rs.11 crores
Hanuman Movie Makers Rs.2.66 crores

The list is big and if you want to view then do visit here.

Many cricketers and actors paid but they did not disclosed the amount and it should not be. Some people are also looking for ratan tata donation for ram mandir or mukesh ambani donation.

Top 10 Ram Mandir Donation List

People are looking for top 10 highest donor for ram mandir and we are like what is this? And how does it matter, as donation is not a competition which has given more or less it is an emotion with which devotees donate as much their pocket allows.

For more details regarding donations list you can visit the the official website i.e srjbtkshetra.org/donation-options.

ram mandir donation list top 10
ram mandir donation list top 10

So there is no such official list for the donation list of people who have donated for ram mandir. But some people clearly stated that they have donated that much of amount and that only is the data which is available on the portals.

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We have shared the detailed information here, if you have any query then do comment below or visit the official website.

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