[Best] Taraweeh Surah List Order & Sequence 2024

When ever Ramadan comes its for taraweeh prayers and for these prayers there is proper order & schedule. The taraweeh surah list in order wise sequence must to known before doing this prayer so we have shared in details the list below in this article.

People are allowed to recite any Surah, and repeat them, if required. It’s customary to pray between 8 – 20 Rakats in multiples of two. Taraweeh being Sunnah is completely optional, therefore, there are blessings for participating but no sin for not participating.

Taraweeh Surah List

Taraweeh Surah List

Taraweeh is the sunnah prayer that is performed after the ‘Isha (night) prayer in Ramadan. It is a very virtuous act of worship.

In the taraweeh prayers one can recite any surah from the Noble Quran in its chronological order. There is no requirement to recite some particular surahs only.

  • Ad-Duhaa (93), the Morning Brightness
  • Al-Sharh (94), the Expansion
  • Al-‘Asr (103), the Declining Day
  • Al-Fil (105), the Elephant
  • Quraysh (106), Quraysh
  • Al-Ma’oun (107), the Small Kindness
  • Al-Kawthar (108), the Abundant Good
  • Al-Kafirun (109), the Disbelievers
  • Al-Nasr (110), the Help
  • Al-Ikhlas (112), the Sincerity
  • Al-Falaq (113), the Daybreak
  • Al-Nas (114), Mankind
  • Al-Qadr (97), Power/Fate

You can find more detail here. The detailed information is shared on this link so thay you can view exact what to do.

Taraweeh Surah Order

The surah order is very important to do the prayers during taraweeh and we have shared below the proper order for it.

Below are key points before doing prayer.

  • Decide how many rak’ah you are going to prayer.
  • Ensure the area is clean and free of impurities.
  • Perform ghusl (full shower) if needed.
  • Perform tayammum (dry purification) if needed.
  • Face the Qibla.
  • Cover yourself.

How to perform Taraweeh? Step wise step.

  1. Make the intention of Taraweeh.
  2. Raise your hands up to your ears and say Allahu Akbar.
  3. Place your right hand over your left hand.
  4. Recite the Du’a al Istiftah.
  5. Recite Surah al Fātiḥah.
  6. Recite any other surah.
  7. Say “Allahu Akbar” and bend down.
  8. Raise from ruku’.
  9. Say Allahu Akbar and prostrate.
  10. Rise from sajdah and sit on your knees.
  11. Say Allahu Akbar and stand up.
  12. After the second sajdah in the second rak’ah, stay sitting.
  13. Finish the prayer with tasleem.
  14. Continue praying two-by-two until you are satisfied.
  15. Conclude the Taraweeh with the Witr prayer.

This is the proper pattern with which you have to do the prayers for taraweeh surah.

Taraweeh Surah Schedule

Schedule 1

Complete 1st Ju’z and the 1st quarter of the 2nd Juz’ [1.25 complete]
Complete the 2nd Juz’ and the first half of the 3rd Juz’ [2.5 complete]
Complete the 3rd Juz’ and three quarters of the 4th Juz’ [3.75 complete]
Complete the 4th Juz’ and complete the 5th Juz’ [5 complete]
Complete the 6th Juz’ and the first quarter of the 7th Juz’ [6.25 complete]
Complete the 7th Juz’ and the first half the 8th Juz’ [7.5 complete]
Complete the 8th Juz’ and three quarters of the 9th Juz’ [8.75 complete]
Complete the 9th Juz’ and complete the 10th Juz’ [10 complete]
Complete the 11th Juz’ and the first quarter of the 12th Juz’ [11.25 complete]
Complete the 12th Juz’ and the first half of the 13th Juz’ [12.5 complete]
Complete the 13th Juz’ and three quarters of the 14th Juz’ [13.75 complete]
Complete the 14th Juz’ and the 15th Juz’ [15 complete]
Complete the 16th Juz’ and the first quarter of the 17th Juz’ [16.25 complete]
Complete the 17th Juz’ and the first half of the 18th Juz’ [17.5]
Complete the 18th Juz’ and three quarters of the 19th Juz’ [18.75]
Complete the 19th Juz’ and the 20th Juz’
Complete the 21st Juz’ to Complete the 28th Juz’
Complete the 29th Juz’ till Surah al-Insān
Complete the 29th Juz’ and the 30th Juz’ till Surah al-Layl
Complete the 30th Juz’ and restart al-Baqarah

Similarly follow the schedule 2 and for more details kindly visit this website.

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