[Login] Manipal Arogya Card Scheme Online Application Form 2021: Arogya Suraksha Card Renewal

Manipal Arogya Card Apply Online| Manipal Arogya Suraksha Card 2021| Online Application Form: The Karnataka state government has launched the Manipal Arogya Suraksha Scheme for the people welfare in the state. 

This healthcare facility scheme is aimed at providing quality health care at an affordable cost for needy people. Arogya Suraksha scheme also compensates for the loss of life and disablement due to accidents. 

Under this Manipal Arogya Suraksha scheme, each family gets medical facilities of up to Rs 30,000 per year. Also, unlimited OP facilities at a concessional fee which is apart from the Personal Accident benefit of Rs 30,000 for each member enrolled under the scheme. 

manipal arogya card scheme

Manipal Arogya Suraksha Card Scheme

Manipal Arogya Card (MAC) is not just any insurance card. This Karnataka government Suraksha Card cuts down your medical expenses each time you visit the hospital. 

Undoubtedly, every home should have it, and every individual must own it. With this entire family’s health is covered and secured.

With this Arogya card, you can save your medical bills like never before. This is a small card with big benefits. Now, the best of our healthcare made even more accessible.

Scheme Arogya Suraksha Card
Launched In Karnataka
Launch Year 2005
Department Health Insurance

There are a total of approx 3.6 Lacs Manipal Arogya Card holders. With 50% off On OP Consultation, every time you visit. Under this scheme there is no age limit Young or old, everybody can get the benefits of this card.

Manipal Arogya Suraksha Card Benefits and Discount

Manipal Arogya card is loaded with many discount offers to get a health check-up.

  • 30% Off on OP Laboratory Investigations
  • 25% Off on OP Procedures & Diabetic Foot Management
  • 100/- Discount on OP Dialysis
  • Up to 12% Discount on OP Pharmacy
  • 50% discount on consultation charges
  • 25% discount on all Hospital charges excluding consumables in the General Ward.
  • 20% discount on preventive health check dental treatment lab investigation and radiology (CT, MRI, ultrasound, X-Ray).
  • Up to 10% discount on medicines.

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Arogya Card Membership Charges

  • Membership for 1 person is at Rs. 250.
  • Whole family membership includes his/her spouse and any number of unmarried children below 25 years at Rs. 500.
  • And family plus membership includes individual spouse, any number of unmarried children below 25 years and up to 4 parents including in-laws at Rs. 650 which is the additional benefit.
  • For the 2-year scheme for individuals, this comes at a price of Rs. 400, Family at Rs. 700 and Family plus at Rs. 850.

Manipal Arogya Card Online Application Registration 2021

To online for this Arogya Card you have to visit the Official Website i.e manipalhealthcard.com. Here you will see the Self Register Now link you have to click on that.

manipal arogya card registration

Then you will be redirected to a new page, here you will see the SELF REGISTRATION NEW option click on it.

manipal arogya card

Now you will have an online application form page, here you can fill in the required details and then submit it.

Manipal Arogya Card Login

To login into your arogya suraksha card you have to visit the Official Website Login Page i.e https://manipalhealthcard.com/arogyacard/#/login.

arogya card login

Manipal Arogya Suraksha Card Renewal

To do the renewal of your arogya card you have to login in to your arogya suraksha card. So you have to visit the Official Website Login Page i.e https://manipalhealthcard.com/arogyacard/#/login.

From here you can do the renewal process very easily by just giving the payment.

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Arogya Card Helpline Contact Number

The Department has provided the two helpline numbers i.e 0820-2923748 and 9980854700

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  1. Sir/Madam,
    I have filled online application for family + Manipal Arogya Card…. And paid 850rs through my debit card…..my money has been deducted for this but I got notification that the process is been cancelled for the Arogya card…but money is immediately withdrawn from my account…
    So what this means?? Is the process for Arogya card isfailed ya accepted?? Please let me know…how shall I track this….please let me know….

  2. Hi
    I have registered for the card online. Registration process is successful and payment also made by Debit card.
    Payment successful
    Please make note of below details for your reference

    Member Name P Shobha
    Card No. K150157
    Mobile 9482195491
    Order Id HC1602127589788
    Transaction Id 1602127589788
    Tracking Id 500107099686
    Bank ref no 101202028286222864
    Amount 500.00
    When will I get the card and how?
    Shobha Rao

  3. Hi
    I have registered for the card online. Registration process is successful and payment also made
    Payment successful,
    But how can i get the card?
    And how to login without knowing username and password,
    My card number is KH300308

  4. I m unable to login my MAC Account.
    I don’t know my username Id n password. If I select option forgot password “User not found with the provided mobile number” Message appears on the page. but I have recieved my MAC card number through sms for the same mobile number. kindly suggest

  5. Dear Sir,
    During my first visit and after OPD Registration, i was sold a Manipal Arogya Card. I am supposed to Register this card by logging on to https://manipalhealthcard.com//#/selfRegHome. However, when i go to do self registration I am later directed to do payment but I have already paid for the Card. Pease enlighten me how to register the provided card.

  6. Hi,

    Your process of renewal is too complicated. We are not able to log online with our Mobile and the Helpline and the contact Nos given are always not reachable. Could you please contact me immediately on 9243300601(Ivan C Monteiro)

  7. My card has expired, want to apply for manipal arogya card, but they say only in the month of june to September months to apply, how to apply at present, cant wait till June, what is the solution?


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