*Dear Moon Crew Registration: Free Moon Trip Project Application Registration

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The Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezava is going to the moon and is in need of 8 crew members to go into space. This dearmoon mission will be the first tourism journey of mankind, and Elon Musk will also accompany this space journey with the selected crew members.

dear moon registration

Dear Moon Project Registration

Yusaku Maezawa is a Japanese entrepreneur and he is giving a free trip to the moon to artists from across the world. This free trip to the moon will go in 2023 and the interested applicants have to do the online registration to get a chance to win the trip to the moon and to become a crew member of dearmoon project mission.

The Yusaku Maezawa has bought all of the tickets for the first Lunar Tourism Mission and you will also be accompanied by Elon Musk as this trip will be carried in his SpaceX ship.

This means the dear moon mission will be a private trip for those who will be selected for the trip.

Interested people have to register themselves for this dream chance which will never come again. Just imagine witnessing earth from space, thinking about it makes you smile.

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Dear Moon Application Form Mission Key Highlights

Project Dear Moon Mission
Launched by Yusaku Maezawa
Beneficiaries 8 crew numbers
Trip starting year 2023
Last for the registration 14th March 2021
Official Registration link Website dearmoon.earth

Maezawa has bought all the tickets to Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket in 2018 said that he wants people from all backgrounds to join this space journey.

Dear moon earth project registration online

People who are interested to apply online for the free moon trip will have to do the pre-registration. This pre-registration process is very simple. All you have to do is follow the given steps.

dear moon project registration

  • Here on the homepage, you have enter your basic details like your name, country you belong to, your profile image, email address.
  • All these details must be filled incorrectly.
  • People who pre-register by March 14 will receive an email about the selection process and full details.
  • Then there will be an initial screening by March 21.
  • Now you will be given assignments to follow to proceed to the next stage.
  • After this, there will be an online interview to know better about you.
  • And the final interview and a medical checkup will be taken in late May 2021.

After the final selection of the 8 crew members for the dearMoon project, the training period will begin to prepare the passengers for the journey they will be taking in 2023 to the Moon.

Dear moon crew registration training schedule program

The schedule and flight plan for the dearMoon project are shared in a diagrammatic way.

The first civilian lunar orbital mission aboard SpaceX’s rocket, Starship, planned for liftoff in 2023.

dear moon crew registration

And the given below is the flight plan to be used by the spacex.

dear moon application

For more details, you can visit the dearmoon official website link.

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  1. Please take me to the moon.. It’s my only dream.. No matter even if you leave me there.. My only aim is to fulfill my dream… Everyday… I think about this mission… But I can’t afford due to financial problems……among thousands I think I’m the only happiest about this mission… . . If you’re seeing this comment please don’t forget me
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  2. I think my moon mission is complete soon because i don’t see a dream but I have power of imagination.if u take a desigion then u need u ready for loss

  3. I wish i could go with u. But unfortunately i heard it today.. mm soo good luck all the best all of u. Have a great journey. Miss u all

  4. i want to go moon ,because it was one of my aim so if u leave me here u was lost a shine in your team. so please me join me also


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