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  1. I applied for Registration on 14 Jan 21 and was given User ID – 68454. However, till today 20 Jan, I have not received any SMS or email on confirmation of same. I need to apply for a car through CSD, so need confirmation of Regn to log on the site. Please check and get the same approved.

    • Dear Sidhu,
      Facing same problem.
      Can you pse indicate whether your issue is resolved and how you went about doing the process.
      Jasvinder Singh

  2. I have filled up registation form on AFD CSD portal on 13 June 21. It has been not approved by the admin. What to do? HELPDESK is not picking up phone.

  3. I have registered and approved by the admin but when I used to login through mail I’d and password, it’s shows as login details invalid . So what should I do , pls help with this issue

  4. I sent feed back on 29.6.21. No reply is received till date. My sign up request has been denied by Admin. Reason for denial is mis match card ID or chip No. I have edited and resubmitted for approval. Now I forgot my user Name ID and Pass word. Now I could not log in. Now I think to cancel the previous registration form and submit fresh registration. Kindly advice.
    Lt Col M Sundaram (Retd) Cell No 9487848922 CSD Smart card No GA06120418768800No1 Chip No 5311512008302842


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