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[ರೂಪ]Karnataka Rs.5000 Taxi/Auto Driver Scheme: Apply Online|Application Form|Status Check

Karnataka Rs.5000 Driver Yojana| Auto driver 5000 Karnataka, Cab/Taxi Driver Scheme Online: The state government of Karnataka has launched the welfare Karnataka 5000 Driver scheme for the driver’s welfare. CM BS Yediyurappa has launched the 5000 rupees lockdown relief scheme for many self-employed people.

As we all know due to the COVID-19 lockdown situation many self-employed workers are jobless and they are not able to earn money. So to provide financial assistance for the drivers of the state the government has launched the Driver Rs.5000 Scheme.

Karnataka Driver Scheme aims to help all the Cab/Taxi Drivers, Auto Drivers through yojana, who lost their incomes due to lockdown. Thus the government will give them one-time financial help of Rs. 5000. In this article, we have shared all the information step wise step below.

karnataka driver scheme

Karnataka Driver Scheme 2020

The Karnataka state government on 6th May 2020 declared a Rs 1,610 crore relief fund to help the people those who are in trouble due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

According to the measures taken by the Cheif Minister B S Yediyurappa, there are over 7 lakh auto-rickshaw and taxi drivers, who had lost their incomes due to COVID lockdown. So the government will give them one-time financial assistance of Rs 5,000 each.

Scheme Karnataka Driver Scheme
Launched By  CM B.S Yediyurappa
Aim To give financial help to drivers during the lockdown
Beneficiaries Cab, Taxi, Auto driver, E-rickshaw drivers, and other public transport vehicle drivers.
Total Beneficiaries Approx. 7 Lakh drivers
Relief Fund Rs.5000 (one time)
Online Apply Starting Date
Last date to Apply Online
Official Website Portal to be launched soon

As we all know this pandemic situation is very tough to handle and the whole world is struggling with this. Now the government has come to support poor and needy people as much as they require. 

Now the government is launching these relief fund schemes for the people welfare by Karnataka 5000 auto driver scheme. The driver’s main income is from running vehicles and due to this locked situation they are not able to earn so Karnataka government is giving one time Rs.5000 help.

Due to the coronavirus lockdown situation, there is no source of income for the drivers in Karnataka so under the transport department of Karnataka this auto Driver 5000 scheme is initiated.


The eligibility criteria are very simple for auto 5000 which is shared below:

  • The driver must have a valid Driving Licence number.
  • He must have the PSV Badge(Public Service Vehicle).

These are the two main requirements that every driver already has and auto driver 5000 form details are given below in the article.

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Documents Required

The transport department Government of Karnataka has made the required document list very common so that no one in this needy situation faces starvation.

  • Driving License
  • Aadhaar Card Number
  • PSV Badge Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Bank Account Number

Karnataka Driver Scheme 2020 Apply Online

As this scheme was recently launched in favors of Auto, Taxi drivers, so till now there is no such information that how you can get the benefit of this yojana. But the government can launch the Official Portal/Website where you have to do the Online Registration.

Soon our website will upload the Driver Rs.5000 apply online link, so keep visiting🙂

As the Delhi government has launched a similar 5000 scheme online and they have done it through the Online Apply system. The website link will be provided soon to the public.

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Karnataka driver scheme rs 5000 assistance can be done through the beneficiary list launched by the Government Officials. Maybe they give the name list to download and then check your name on the list then apply for this scheme.

Nothing is clear right now but soon everything will be cleared as the transport department will share the details.

Karnataka Driver Yojana Application Form

This scheme is all new and yet there is no specific information about the online application form process. The official notification of the scheme and the official Portal is not yet available for the public to access.

As soon as the information is updated by the concerned department we will share here all the details on this website.

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Customer Care|Helpline Number

Soon when the Official Website will launch the customer support will be there for everyone.

You can contact them if you have any questions or problems regarding filling your application form. 

Driver Scheme Application Status

When you apply for the Karnataka auto driver online yojana then, in the end, you will get the reference number. Using this reference number you can check your money status.

Like they are transferred to your account or are they pending, or is there any error regarding your online application.

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    • Hi sir I’m feroz khan Hello soon the government will release all the information and you can apply it from our website.

    • Hello Sanjay, till now government has not released any information but soon you will get all details on our website.

  2. Dear sir I have kindly request
    I am cab driver so my situation is a very critical please send address how to apply 5000 rs amount my vehicle no KA 26 A 8197

    • Hello Anand, Very soon website will be released and you can online apply for the scheme. Please keep visiting our website for the latest updates.

  3. Hai sir my name is chetan
    I am adriver I have eligible badge
    Please help me sir
    We are poor peoples
    Please share the website link sir
    This is my number

    • Hello Chetan, Soon the Officials will disclose the Website Link and we will update here. Keep Visiting our website for the latest update.

    • Hello TV, Soon government will release the website we will provide you all information on our website here, so keep visiting our website for Karnataka 5000 scheme online.

    • Hello Irfan, Soon we will publish the website link from where you can apply online. So keep visiting this website.

  4. Sir in which website can register in online about 5000rs Auto driver for candidates

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  8. There is no clarity on which link Auto drivers need to apply for this! Have visited the seva sindhu portal at least 10 times, no link seen. In transport department, if we clock on that info, a letter is seen in PDF.

    Also, the news say that there are around 60000 application received, through space???

    Please help with a link….

    • Hello Baiju, The Applications received are through postal method to the transport head. But this will not be accepted. You will have to apply through the Online Portal but till now seva sindhu website is under construction to apply for this scheme. So relax soon you will get the information. Keep visiting our website 🙂

  9. Also, when visited bangalore one, they say they are not providing this service. And Seva sindhu service centre is a private mobile shop at electronic city in south bangalore…

    Customer care number is just ringing and no one picks up!!

    • Hello Baiju, the facility on the Bangalore one and Jana Seva Kendra is not yet active. The government will soon allow them to apply for online applications.

  10. Dear admin ,it is been almost 5 days now ,there is no online link directly available for drivers to apply. Hence kindly share if there is online link available with us .

    • Hello Bharath, the government is making the online portal ready to apply to get money. So please relax and wait for some time.

  11. Dear sir when we want to apply still web side link is not posted what we want to think is its fake or true .

  12. When release the link sir some told us it’s open some other told link not available. Pls give clear picture about that.

  13. Sir. I have been visiting your website for a while. but it is not opening sir,I have eligible badge so please inform when we can get that scheme into active

    • Hello Kushal, till now government has not released any link so we are not able to update here. Please relax and wait for some more days and keep visiting the website. 🙂

    • Hello Joseph, government is looking out to provide benefit to without badge holders. Soon they will release the official notification then it will be cleared.

  14. ಮುಖ್ಯಮಂತ್ರಿ ಗಳೇ ಯಾವಾ ರೀತಿ ಟ್ಯಾಕ್ಸಿ ಡ್ರೈವರ್ ಗಳ ಖಾತೆಗೆ ಹಣವನ್ನು ಜಮಮಾಡುತಿರಿ ಮತ್ತು ಯಾವ ರೀತಿ ಇದನ್ನು ಅಪ್ಲೈ ಮಾಡಬೇಕು ಅಂತ ತಿಳಿಸಿ ಕೊಡಿ..ಧನ್ಯವಾದಗಳು

  15. Hello it’s me raheedpasha..I am taxi driver…I have 5 daughters…it’s became very hard to feed my children due to lockdown….from last 2 months I am at home only I not went to drive….I have respected lockdown …I have did it full strictly… please try to help us…send the correct website or information to get the money…from which I can feed my children…it’s my kind request…

    • Hello Raheedpasha, Soon the Karnataka state government will release the website link and we will upload very first on our website so keep visiting.

  16. M.Lokesha s/o Marappa , Medikeranahalli , jagalur (tq) , davangere (dist).
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