[Status] AP YSR Free Crop Insurance 2021 Beneficiary List: Check Payment Status

Andhra Pradesh CM YSR has launched the free crop insurance scheme, under which farmers will get financial help from the government. Now beneficiary list 2021 is released and people can check the payment status in their bank accounts.

YSR free crop insurance beneficiary list 2021 will hold all the beneficiaries’ data to whom money is transferred in their bank accounts. The government has stated that a sum of approx. Rs. 1820 crores are transferred into the bank accounts of the beneficiaries.

In this article we have shared how you can check the payment status and check your name in the beneficiary list 2021.

ysr free crop insurance scheme 2021

YSR Free Crop Insurance Scheme 2021

The CM of Andhra Pradesh has launched the insurance scheme for the crops of farmers, so that farmers whose crops gets damaged by the natural reason will be given financial help from the government.

This financial help will be given to all the people whose crops are damaged during any natural conditions. A sum of approx. Rs. 1800 crores are distributed among the farmers in May 2021.

Farmers who have enrolled themselves under this insurance scheme for Rs.1 will get the benefit by the CM YSR Jagan Mohan Reddy government in AP.

Farmers who have lost kharif crop during 2020 due to bad weather conditions will be given insurance amounts in their bank accounts.

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The crop insurance beneficiaries will get the benefit amount directly in their bank accounts. Soon all the beneficiaries will get their payment in their bank account.

It is estimated that approx. 15 lakh farmers will get the benefit of their ap crop insurance scheme 2021 which is initiated by YSR.

నేడే వైయస్ఆర్ ఉచిత పంటల బీమా చెల్లింపులు. 2020 ఖరీఫ్‌లో పంట నష్టపోయిన 15.15 లక్షల మంది రైతన్నలకు రూ.1820.23 కోట్ల బీమా పరిహారం. బటన్‌ నొక్కి నేరుగా వారి ఖాతాల్లో జమ చేయనున్న ముఖ్యమంత్రి వైయస్ జగన్.

Key highlights of YSR crop insurance scheme

The main motive of this scheme is to provide crop insurance with Rs.1, so if the crop is damaged by natural causes, the farmers will get compensation.

Scheme YSR Crop Insurance Scheme
Launched By CM Jagan Mohan Reddy
Beneficiaries Farmers of Andhra Pradesh who enrolled into insurance scheme with Rs.1
Total beneficiaries Approx. 15 lakh
Official Website apagrisnet.gov.in/crop.php

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YSR Free Crop insurance check payment status

The AP CM YSR has released the statement that the free crop insurance scheme’s amount is being released to all the beneficiaries and the payment status can be checked in their bank account.

A total of Rs. 1800 crores are released by the department and will soon be available in the bank accounts of the farmers. It is estimated that insurance will cover a total of 15 lakh farmers all over the state.

The farmers who have lost their crops in the Kharif season will get the benefit. Previously a total of 3600 crores is released from the farmer’s account under this scheme.

ysr free insurance beneficiary list 2021

YSR free crop insurance final beneficiary list 2021

The beneficiaries list 20201 for the free crop insurance is not required as we all know, people or farmers who have enrolled into this free insurance scheme with Rs. 1 will get the compensation amount in their bank accounts.

Farmers can check the bank accounts at regular intervals of time as we all know the state government has released the funds into the farmer’s accounts.

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Soon these funds will be reflected in the bank accounts and you can easily know that you are a beneficiary of this scheme and you have gained financial help from the government for the crop insurance scheme.

For more details, you can visit the Official Website i.e apagrisnet.gov.in/crop.php. Here you can find detailed information on crop insurance in Andhra Pradesh.

Key benefits of this scheme

  • Under this scheme approx. 22 crops are covered.
  • Any damage to the crops from cyclones, heavy rain, or any other natural climates will be covered.
  • Farmers can take part in this scheme by only paying Rs.1.
  • Approx. 50 lakh farmers have enrolled in this scheme.
  • A total of 10641 Rythu Bharosa Kendras are helping farmers to get enrolled in this scheme.

We have shared the detailed information on ysr free crop insurance scheme if you any questions then please comment below.

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