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Banglarbhumi 2021 is the land information WB record website of West Bengal. On Banglarbhumi WB 2021 you can check Khatian and Plot information including RS/LR on official website banglarbhumi.gov.in. Banglarbhumi Naksha can be seen online on the Banglarbhumi app as well as on the computer.

Banglarbhumi portal gives various land details like mutation status, naksha, valuation of land, Khaitan number, DAG number, RS LR plot information, map, etc. This website is developed by the Ministry of Land Records of the West Bengal.


Banglarbhumi WB 2021

West Bengal state government has launched the banglarbhumi gov platform for the people. This www.banglarbhumi.gov.in website allows people to check their land records online.

If anyone in West Bengal is interested to buy property or land then they have the exact authorized information of khatian & plot on the banglarbhumi map.

Banglarbhumi Land Records Portal
State Launched West Bengal
Launched By State government of West Bengal
Aim To provide the digital land records
Official Portal banglarbhumi.gov.in

This West Bengal State land portal gives you the government-approved exact information with mutation status, khatian and plot information with RS-LR plot information. 

On Bangalbhumi people can easily check the mutation status and can easily find land map whatever you want to see. WB Banglarbhumi gov in 2021 website allows anyone to access the bhumi naksha.

Benefits of www.banglarbhumi.gov.in website

  • This website is helping many people in a lot of ways as this allows the easiest way to check records.
  • This portal helps people to check all the correct information about the land before purchasing any land, so this saves the chances of fraud.
  • With this website many people, those who are planning to set up an industry somewhere in the state let them check the area online near the land they are planning to purchase.
  • There is no need to visit the departmental offices to check the land records.
  • This website saves time and money as you can use it from your mobile app and computer.

What does banglarbhumi.gov.in 2021 website offer?

WB Banglar Bhumi offers you to have West Bengal land record by name and many others which are given below:

  • Registration of Deed
  • You can apply online for the Mutation Application Process.
  • You can get the original online certified copy information about the plot.
  • There is an online facility to get the Record of Right or plot of the map.
  • Detailed information about the property with the “know your property” option.
  • All the notice period of the Mutation Case.
  • Mouza Map Availability
  • Mouza Map Request
  • Mutation Status
  • Land information WB
  • Khatian & Plot information.
  • Banglarbhumi Registration
  • Digitization of Map & Records
  • Preparation, Updation & Maintenance
  • Land Distribution
  • Management of ISU
  • Dag Khatian Information
  • Indo-Bangladesh Boundary Demarcation

The above information is easy to apply as we have shown you below the table. You just have to enter some details in the required registration form of Bangla bhumi.

Bangla bhumi Website Services Required items to fill
Online Application Choose District, Block & Mouza
Services Delivery Needed Banglarbhumi Khatian No
Check Mouza Map Select District & Block
Application / Receipt Reprint Request type, Application Number
Mutation Status Casewise Search Or Deed Wise Search
30 days notice mutation case Registration office wise / Plot Khatian wise
Mutation Status of Plot Khatian Plot Number / Khatian Number, Block & District
RS-LR Plot Information LR Plot No / RS Plot No

Banglar Bhumi Sign Up Online Registration process

People who want to check the Bangla Bhumi records will have to first do the e-registration WB on the Official Website. You just have to follow the given below the step by step guidelines:

At first, you have to visit the Official Website, www.banglarbhumi.gov.in. Here you have to click on the Sign Up as shown below.

banglar bhumi registration

After clicking on it you will have the online registration/sign up page and here you need to fill in the asked details correctly. And then you have to click on the submit button.

banglar bhumi

Now after this your banglarbhumi registration process is done. Now you have to do the Login Process on bangalar bhumi com.

Bangla Bhumi Login

For the Bangla Bhumi land records, you have to visit the banglarbhumi.gov.in website. Then click on the Sign In option at the top of the page.

bangla bhumi

If you are a citizen then, your citizen selection is automatically done by the portal but if you are a departmental person then you have to click on the department. As shown below.

banglarbhumi login

Now just enter your details and click on the Login button. Now you will be logged in to the banglarbhumi website. After login, you can check all the Bangla Bhumi land records.

How to check your Khatian and Plot Information?

To check your Khatian & Plot information you have to click on the Know Your Property .  Then you will have the main page where you can check the Banglarbhumi Khatian and Plot information.

khatian and plot information

Here you have to select under the Mouza Identification:

  • District
  • Block
  • Mouza

After selecting this you have to choose whether you want to search the result by Khatian or by Plot?

Then enter your khatian no. or plot no. and enter the captcha. After that click on the VIEW button. Now you will have your land records.

Banglarbhumi WB is a great website that gives the correct government-approved banglarbhumi map.

What is RS/LR?

RS stands for Revisional Settlement and LR stands for Land Reforms

How to check RS/LR?

To check the RS and LR you have to click on the Citizen Services on the top of the website.

rs and lr

Then select your District Name, Block and Mouza. Now there are two options available

  1. Sabek-Dag:  Hal Dag (LR Plot No.) and
  2. Hal Dag: Sabek Dag (RS Plot No.).

Choose your option and enter the plot number. Then click on View and your LR/RS details will be there for you.

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How to file Mouza Map-Request process?

On the Bangla Bhumi homepage, click on the “Citizen Services” tab. Here you will see the ‘Service Delivery’, now click on it.

Then on the drop-down list, there will be:

  • ROR Request
  • Plot Info. Request
  • Plot Map Request
  • Mouza Map Request
  • Request GRN Search

Now Click on the ‘Mouza Map-Request’ option.

Then a form will appear on your screen with the following details:

  • District
  • Block
  • Mouza
  • Map Type
  • Sheet No.

Click on the view and your Banglarbhumi 2021 map request is done.

What is Banglarbhumi Mutation?

The mutation is the name change application process of the land or property. In short, a change of land ownership. When the land is transferred from one person to another, then the name of the property is changed to the name of the new buyer.

Then after the registration of the property, one needs to change the owner’s name of the property. To do this one they have to fill the application form for mutation. You can download the form from the given below link.

mutation application form

Banglarbhumi Mutation application form Download pdf

And you should also download the Mutation Declaration Form.

So the banglar bhumi helps people to Check Online Status for the Mutation Application Process.

How to check Banglarbhumi Mutation Status Online?

The Banglarbhumi mutation status search is very simple, you only have to follow the given steps:

  • At first, log in to the Banglarbhumi 2021 website i.e www.banglarbhumi.gov.in.
  • Now on the Homepage click on the “Citizen Services” section.
  • Then click on the ‘Mutation Status’ option.
  • In two given options choose ‘case wise search’ or ‘deed wise search.’
  • Then for case-wise search, fill in your district name, block name, and Mouza name. Enter the case number, and then click on the ‘submit’ option and your Banglarbhumi Mutation status will appear.
  • Same for the deed wise search, enter your deed number and press the View button. The latest Status information will appear on your screen.

There are many more facilities on the banglar bhumi portal. You will have multiple options in the Citizen Services section. There are some following things which you can also do on the banglar bhumi gov website.

  • Check Land Classification
  • Land Conversion Application
  • Pay Fee at Bangla bhumi 
  • Banglarbhumi Valuation of Land

Banglarbhumi App download Playstore Link

You can easily download the banglarbhumi app from the google play store. Banglarbhumi apk is very light to install and will not take much time of yours.

This Banglarbhumi app name on the play store is JOMIR TOTHYA

Banglarbhumi App Download Link

Banglarbhumi Customer Care Number

As per our information, there is no such contact number is provided by the West Bengal Government but there is Public Grievance where you can file the Complaint on the bangla bhumi website and check your complaint status online.

You just have to follow the given steps:

First, visit the Banglarbhumi 2021 Website and then click on the Public Grievance as shown in the figure.

banglarbhumi customer care

Now you will see two options, one is Grievance Application and Grievance Status/Description. You have to click on the first one to get help. i.e Greviance Application.

banglar bhumi helpline number

Now on the next page, you will find the complaint page will all the required details. You just have to fill them correctly and then submit it.

banglarbhumi grievance application

Now you can check the status of your complaint whenever you want. 

Hope we have answered your all questions, if you have any doubt regarding any topic feel free to comment. We will try to solve your query 🙂